Interior decoration ideas for fall

As the seasons change, you can easily bring the warm, colorful hues of fall into your homes. With some creativity, you can transform your living spaces into cozy, autumn-inspired havens. Welcome the season of pumpkins, falling leaves, and cozy sweaters with these interior decoration ideas for fall.

Bring in Seasonal Colors

Fall is synonymous with a vibrant, warm color palette. Reds, oranges, yellows, and browns dominate the season, reflecting the changing colors of the leaves outside. Incorporating these colors into your home decor can instantly create a seasonal mood.

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One way to add these colors is through soft furnishings. Cushion covers, throws, and rugs in these colors can immediately make your living room or bedroom look fall-ready. You can also incorporate these colors through accessories like candles, vases, or picture frames.

Another idea is to use leaves and branches from outside to bring in natural fall colors. A bowl of pine cones, a vase of bare branches, or a display of colorful leaves can add a beautiful natural touch to your room.

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Create a Cozy Atmosphere

Fall is the perfect season to make your home feel extra cozy. As the temperatures drop, you start spending more time indoors, and a cozy home environment can make this a more enjoyable experience.

Start with lighting. As the days get shorter, good lighting becomes even more important. Table lamps and floor lamps can create warm, welcoming light in any room. Candles can also add a cozy glow, and if they’re scented with fall fragrances like cinnamon, pumpkin, or apple, they can add to the seasonal atmosphere.

Textiles can also create a cozy feel. Thick curtains, plush rugs, and knitted throws can all make a room feel warm and inviting.

Use Fall-Inspired Decor

Fall provides plenty of inspiration for home decor. From pumpkins and gourds to leaves and acorns, you can find a lot of decor ideas in the natural world.

One classic fall decoration is the pumpkin. You can use real or artificial pumpkins in your decor. Arrange them on your table, place them on your mantel, or line them up on your stairs. If you want a more subtle look, you can paint them white or gold.

Wreaths are another fall staple. Create a wreath with fall leaves, pine cones, berries, or miniature pumpkins and hang it on your front door to welcome the season.

Add Fall Touches to Your Table

Your dining table is another place where you can incorporate fall decor. Whether you’re hosting a big Thanksgiving dinner or simply want to spruce up your everyday meals, your table can become a showcase for the season.

Start with a tablecloth or runner in a fall color. Add a centerpiece made of pumpkins, gourds, or fall flowers. You can also use fall-themed dishes, napkins, and placemats.

Don’t forget about lighting. A few candles can make any meal feel special. Add a few lanterns or string lights for an extra festive touch.

Update Your Bedroom for Fall

Your bedroom is another place where you can bring in the spirit of fall. The key is to create a cozy, warm space where you can relax and unwind.

Start by switching out your bedding. Choose a heavier duvet or comforter, and add a few throw blankets for extra warmth. You can also add a few fall-colored pillows or a throw rug.

Consider adding some fall-themed artwork to your walls. It could be a painting of a fall landscape, a photo of pumpkins or fall leaves, or even a piece of DIY art made with real fall leaves.

Remember, fall decor doesn’t have to be overly intricate or expensive. With a little creativity and a few key pieces, you can transform your home into a cozy, fall-inspired haven.

Incorporate Autumnal Elements in Your Living Room

The living room tends to be the social hub of the house, and incorporating fall decor into this space can instantly set the seasonal mood. Image credit goes to interior designers who have shown us some spectacular fall decorating ideas over the years.

Start with your coffee table. A simple yet effective fall decorating strategy includes adding a bowl of acorns, a display of mini pumpkins, or even a small vase of fall blooms. Additionally, you can add autumn-themed coffee table books or magazines.

Enhance your living room’s cozy atmosphere with some throw pillows in fall colors or patterns. These can be easily changed out as the seasons progress, making them an excellent, flexible decor option. Patterns such as plaids, checks, and leaves can all contribute to a fall-inspired charm. Feel free to mix and match to enliven your living room further.

The mantel is another spot that can be used as a focal point for your fall decor. A simple garland of fall leaves, an array of candles in autumnal hues, or an assortment of small, painted pumpkins can add a hint of fall to your living room.

Remember, decorating for the season does not mean you have to change everything. Small, strategic changes can have a big impact. So, continue reading to find more inspiration.

Embrace Fall in Your Dining Room

The dining room is an ideal place to emphasize the change in seasons. From family dinners to festive gatherings, fall decor can bring a warm and inviting atmosphere to this communal space.

Begin by updating your dining room table with a seasonal centerpiece. It could be an arrangement of white pumpkins and pinecones, a collection of fall foliage, or a combination of candles and autumn fruits.

Consider replacing your everyday dishes with fall-themed ones. Whether you choose plates with fall leaves, mugs with pumpkin designs, or bowls in autumnal shades, these pieces can continue the fall theme during meal times.

To add a touch of elegance, drape your dining chairs with throws in fall colors. This not only adds warmth, but also a pop of color.

Don’t overlook the sideboard or buffet. A small display of fall decor can make a big statement. This could be a trio of lanterns, a line of small gourds, or a fall-inspired artwork.

As we wrap up this article, remember that embracing the fall season in your interior design does not require a drastic makeover. You can use these decor ideas to add small, tasteful touches that evoke the beauty and coziness of this time of year.


Fall presents a myriad of decorating ideas that can help transform your home into a cozy, autumn-inspired haven. From using fall colors in your soft furnishings to adding fall-themed elements in your living room and dining room, every room can be touched by the charm of the season.

Remember, incorporating fall decor doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. With a little creativity, you can use everyday items or even nature’s own decor – like leaves and pumpkins – to create a warm and inviting home.

Whether you’re an experienced interior designer or someone who enjoys sprucing up their home with seasonal decor, these fall decorating ideas are sure to inspire. Enjoy the process of decorating, and more importantly, enjoy the warmth and coziness that the fall season brings!

Helen Norman, a famous interior designer, once said, "Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love." This fall, let your home tell the story of your love for this vibrant and cozy season. Happy fall decorating!